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Starting the 5th of April 2001. I will create a Visual Programming environment with as little textual programming as necessary, replacing them with graphical constructs. It should conform to UML and DIN 66261 (Structograms, Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams) and provide a consistent interface to all tasks, from modelling to coding, testing, debugging and profiling.

20.08.2001 - The interpreter is up and running. Go to cvs and see for yourself. The next step is to move the interpreter into ConStruct functions to form the basis for the class library.
08.08.2001 - I'm still heavy refacoring the interpreter. By the end of next week, I'll begin with the Class library.
02.08.2001 - Well, late again. I'm changing all parsed parts of the syntax tree that use arrays to use lists in order to make the parsing easier.
31.07.2001 - One day before the interpreter has to be ready, here is the first Syntax tree tests on our CVS. All tests run through, so the interpreter should be beta really soon. Btw, Netscape should now show this site correctly, and it seems that our Extension to Dia makes first real progress and may be incorporated into the main Dia distribution.
26.06.2001 - One down, some to go. I lost a milestone with Dia, but am just in time with the interpreter.
01.06.2001 - First Milestone! I'm working like a dog and it seems worth it. The extern interface is now fully specified. On the other site, with SourceForge being hacked, my University account has been compromised; but the hacker even was too lame to just untar ircII, which he had downloaded just before. Luckily. ;)
29.05.2001 - The interpreter will include some standard methods at compile time. For other specifics, I'll try XML-RPC. Update: XML-RPC generates too much Overhead, so I'll take libffi instead, or for unsupporting platforms write a wrapper.
21.05.2001 - Now that this page is XHTML (Transitional), Netscape® Communicator 4.77 ignores the <br/>-Tags...well, just imagine they were <br>... ;)
Thanks to the help of Charles Reitzel I now have a faint idea of how to add C/C++ plugin support to the interpreter. Sourceforge is so cool! ;)
19.05.2001 - So much for XMI. With all the meta-metamodel stuff it adds a heap of overhead I don't need. Besides, GNU Dia has a better XML format. Btw: Time for a few enhancements of this site...
17.05.2001 - I created a survey about visual/graphical programming. I may release it here later, when it's read over.
25.04.2001 - I'm yet reading into the XMI specs. To the end of next week, I shall have the full DTDs for the internal ConStruct specification.

Next Milestones:
01.09.2001 - Creating a class library.

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